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    Decent gluten free bread at last!

    Baking gluten free bread can be a challenge, as gluten is what gives bread its elasticity, flexibility and ...


Is fructose mal-absorption and lactose intolerance related to Coeliac disease?

Although unrelated, coeliacs and gluten intolerant (sensitive) individuals are often subject to fermentable sugar issues like fructose mal-absorption and lactose (milk sugar) intolerance. These conditions often accompany and are aggravated by coeliac disease primarily due to the compromised, damaged or dysfunctional gut condition and the ensuing fermentation, poor/incomplete digestion and malabsorption or intolerance of these […]

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Why do FG Roberts deliberately avoid the use of synthetic ingredients?

Synthetic ingredients like artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours, flavor enhancers, pesticides, preservatives etc. We have long been concerned about and questioned the need for the unthinking, rising and often harmful levels of chemical pollution and contamination in our foods, homes and general environment with their adverse impacts upon human health with rising numbers of people developing […]

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